Mathematics plays an important part in our everyday lives and is in nearly everything we do from reading a bus timetable to changing the TV channel, to weighing out ingredients or to checking our change from the supermarket just to name a few and it is during these early years that children can practice and master these fundamental skills.

Our toddlers are learning about numeracy as they:

  • Count items using one to one correspondence
  • Look at shapes
  • Talk about the volume a bucket will hold
  • Use words about weights and measures
    estimate distances
  • Divide up and share out food
  • Explore empty and full
  • Understand daily patterns of routines
  • Complete knob puzzles to understand space
  • Begin to understand prepositions (in/out)

Our pre-schoolers are learning about numeracy as they:

  • Recognize shapes in the world
  • Start sorting by color, shape, and size
  • Use maths for a purpose
  • Understand that numerals stand for amounts
  • Rote count to 20
  • Use spatial awareness to put puzzles together
  • Count with the concept of one-to-one correspondence
  • Start to make predictions
  • Use cause and effect
  • Compare and classify by height, size or gender

At Kids Castle you will find a variety of materials and resources that will allow the children to explore, investigate and master many of these mathematical skills as well as a group of educators who are there to guide the learning and introduce mathematical concepts into the children’s world.

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